Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Some new stuff - gifts

So it's been a busy few months over at Lins Wilson HQ, haven't had much time on the Hidden Rose front! Especially a ridiculous amount of weddings, hen dos, birthdays and other things in the run up to Christmas meant I didn't have chance to do any fairs. I did get chance to make a few presents though -

 Dress for my sister (stretchy acrylic/wool-like fabric, intended to be worn with a belted waist)

As above, for my other sister :)

Swimming for my mum - the inner lining is waterproof for damp towels etc!

I added poppers so you can make the bag bigger or smaller

Bag for Amy (Lord Whitney) first experiment with all plain fabric, going to try some more like this as well as mixing the floral with plain as with the green swimming bag.


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Saturday's fair

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came along on Saturday - to those who chatted, took business cards and even bought a couple of things. This might be my last fair for a little while so if you want to keep an eye out for new items, need a present for your mum, sister, dog, yourself, then head over to my Facebook Page and Etsy Shop :)
Also, I've now made 2 more laptop cases for 15" laptops (I went off Mac specifications) and they should all be on my Etsy shop by the end of the day! L x
Here's a few photos from Saturday -

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

So, it's been a little while, but to celebrate my first craft fair of the year (and the fact that there's a good excuse to eat loads of chocolate this weekend), I decided to try something new out of some familiar material. Laptop cases! I wanted one for myself so I thought I'd give it a go and I think they've turned out pretty well...these 2 are both 13" - I went on my MacBook, but they'll also fir MacBook Pro and other standard 13" laptops. I'm aiming to do another 2 before the weekend in 15", but at a lovely 3 and a half hours a pop we shall see!
If anybody would like one custom made in a specific size or material, let me know!

Link to this weekend's craft fair -  
Reetsweer Easter Facebook Event Page 

Anyway, hope you like -


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Time for 2012

So, pretty good year last year. Let's try and top it. Very excited about upcoming projects including recording my very first album (!), opening the Leeds Music Hub, following the PABH lads about a bit, and 2 trips to Spain already booked! Very excited about this year's Primavera!

But amongst all that, I'll try and keep up the Hidden Rose stuff, hopefully with a few craft fairs throughout the year. In the next few weeks I'll be aiming to restock the things I've sold (or half given away for Christmas) and trying out some new things including hot water bottle covers, laptop cases, knitting bags and kids stuff. Probably more! Still plenty of stuff on my Etsy site though, have a look at what's left, there'll be more added soon.  If you want anything custom made don't be afraid to ask!!
Here's a few piccies and things...

Kids inspiration - the lovely Evie and Rosie

 I made this one!

Fully stocked, December 2011

Laptop case for my sister

Knitting bag for my Mum

Letters for the many stalls....

 Getting organised!!

Happy 2012! May it be a productive, creative and enjoyable one for us all :) Lins xx

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Final 2 craft fairs of the year

Firstly, LS6 Art Fair is this Saturday at the Left Bank Centre. With around 40 stalls across a range of arts and crafts, there'll be plenty to get your Christmas shopping underway!


Next up it's the brilliant Reetsweet craft fair which is on all weekend at the Corn Exchange. I will just be attending on the Sunday (11-4.30pm). For more info see Reetsweet Blog and Facebook event

Sunday, 27 November 2011


Thanks to everyone who came down to the Handmade fair today, despite being a bit worse for wear and buying more than I sold, I had a great day. Please come along to my next (and potentially last) fair before Christmas at the LeftBank Centre in Leeds - LS6 Art Fair

Also, please note I haven't had time to get everything on my folksy shop (marketed more at the UK, but as Etsy is international, I've prioritised that!) just yet but please do take a look at all my items on my etsy shop and hopefully i'll get Folksy up and running soon!

Lins x

Monday, 21 November 2011

Another Weekend, another craft fair...

'Handmade' Blog - craft fair this Sunday at Leeds' Brudenell Social Club

Come down and say hello! there'll be lots of great crafty goods from some very talented people, as well as 2-4-1 on Tea & Cakes (which are super cheap and tasty anyway!)

It'll be officially 4 weeks until Christmas so if you haven't started already, this weekend may be the time...
I'll also be in attendance at a fair at the LeftBank Centre on Cardigan Road next weekend, although I may not have more craft fairs before Christmas after that so don't miss out!

Also, I've made a good start at putting everything on my Etsy shop, have a look -

Still more things to come this week, it's taking a little while! However it is slightly cheaper to come and get them in person, so hopefully see some of you this weekend.

L x