Monday, 11 July 2011

A lot of catching up to do...

So perhaps I'm never going to be the world's best blogger - I seem to always be doing far too much to reflect/keep everyone updated any more than what I pop on Twitter or Facebook. So, the last few months have consisted of focusing on becoming a full time musician but now that I don't have so much as a part time job, I'm getting my head around what I used to consider 'extra' to working, is now WORKING. But now I have a little more time, I obviously, as usual, want to do as much as possible. At the moment, projects include live and recorded session, my own strings/installation art project, teaching 3 instruments, learning to sight read, composing for dance, being a part of The Leeds Music Hub (including ideas for teaching programmes/visual input on decorating the venue), as well as Hidden Rose. So as you can see Hidden Rose has taken a backseat for the time being, but am keeping up with it slowly, as a kind of investment for the future :) I've got new material, some great vintage storage space, and have at least been making presents for friends (really helps when you can't afford to buy them!). 

Along with all this I've gotten about a bit - Spain, London, Lille and Belgium with Lone Wolf, Primavera festival in Barcelona (one of the best festivals/holidays/musically inspirational experiences), Glastonbury and other misadventures with best pals Pulled Apart By Horses, been to THREE theme parks (how?! haven't been to any in about 10 years!), organised a 1920s Murder Mystery joint birthday party with the wonderful Lord Whitney (check the postcard portraits, you might spot a few familiar faces!), hung out with a couple of awesome babes who have been inspiring me to make little person things, and continue to live my life in a way that I hope encourages other people to live for things that make you happy, not to worry about money too much, hang out with lovely people and generally enjoy life. Even this amount of reflecting starts to make me grateful for everything I've got, but also reminds me this is the life I have chosen. I hope your 2011 is as good as mine so far!

Here are some photos of some bits I've made, some lovely vintage finds, and more...Hope you like them,
Lins :)

 New lamp! £5 bargain!
 little workstation
 Beautiful Rosie (I have 2 more lovely little lady friends, but silly pictures!)

 Sewing corner - more bargains!

Birthday presents for friends...


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